Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And so it begins....

Alot changes in a year that you can't really explain ..there's no synopsis that can express the highs and lows of someone's life adequately....at least, not my life.

The blog has been underground for some time now and I won't divulge it's whereabouts...but's it's been around and now it's back to a more public forum because, let's face it, with FB, Twitter, and the remaining MySpacers(not me, thanks), it's all out there anyway.

Friendships have come and gone but for the most part, they've endured and strengthened. I finally can see who is a friend to me and who I am a friend to, sometimes those two are not the same, ya know?

Work is always work, but I've made a point to have a social life. maybe it's not the dating life I had hoped for but the good times have been amazing and the bad times have been hardly existent. I've come to grasps with the fact that my "one" may not be out there and if he is, he's is currently in a 20 yr coma and will most likely awake from his sleepy state a gay man. While my luck in friendships and family has increased, my love life, for lack of a better term (however inaccurate the words may be) is not on anyone's radar, least of all mine.

Superheros, Hiking, Video Games,Kayaking and Seymour are still the staples of my life...I have embraced my inner and outer nerd and it has embraced me right back.

Right now I'm sitting at LaGuardia Airport awaiting an inspection on one of my projects at the insane 2:am hour...bananas, I know. Life is status quo and I could use a glass of wine and some quality time with my bed. This week promises to be relaxing after today/ tomorrow...and maybe then I will try to catch you up to speed.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back......and I'm not sure why

So, how long could I stay away...it's been since November and while not alot has happened, ALOT has happened. My life is on such a good pace and it keeps getting better. This blog used to be cathartic for me, to help me put my hurdles in perspective and make me own my feelings. Now, though, I'm so happy, I come back to the blog because I want to share my smiles and my joy with everyone. I mean, shouting it from the rooftops is fun, but it leaves you with a sore throat!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who thought a reunion would be THAT much fun?

Ok, so technically, it was not a formal reunion...just a motley group of random people who always managed to hang out together here and there during our formative years converging on THE epitome of white trash hangouts Bayonne style.

Bananas.....absolutely bananas!

The night started off with shots, ended with shots and had shots all in between....I can't really describe the night because you definitely had to be there but there are pics, if you know where to find me on FB. And now it looks like what was once a 'reunion' thing is becoming a regular occurrence.

But let me now tell you about my PRE-festivities happenings. I've been talking to someone, I think I mentioned before...we'll now call him Wildfire.....I'm sure you can imagine what he does for a living with that tag name, no? Well, he talked me into hanging out for a few minutes before I headed to Bayonne and it was really cool.

Now, let me just give you some stats on Wildfire..he younger....alot younger than I normally go for ..not like Mary Kay Letourneau young but, definitely reaching some sort of cougar-like activity. And he's 6'-7" --I know, right? Like Holy F'ing cow, that's like Ho Ho Ho Green Giant tall!!!!

Let's be honest for a second,... I am 5'-4" ...So he's like 100 ft taller than me. And a girl can't help but wonder if everything is , ummm, proportional in that respect..LOL..... A friend's husband is 6'-2" and she, sadly, admitted that it is NOT proportionate all the time and what would look normal on one who is of regular height, would make someone of larger frame look, well, smaller. I mean, it's not like I'm planning on seeing anything but a girl's gotta consider things, no?

Getting back to Wildfire..he only lives about 20 blocks from me so the buffer zone is not exactly in effect but he did sweetly offer to come pick me up in Bayonne if I drank too much and didn't want to drive... We are going to hang out on Sunday and see what happens but it was nice to just chat in person, as we've been living on the phone recently...and you know how I hate the phone...yuck!

Ok, that's all...not terribly exciting but you're the one reading it, so who are you to judge??


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Serenity now, serenity now....or later would be ok too!!

So, I'm on the job site and I am beyond stressed. It's not that there's SO much to do, just my nerves, I think. It's a little strange but it's almost as if the fact that there's nothing extremely wrong right now, with the project, is making me more stressed than if there were.

I mean, we have some major hiccups, some oversights by the A/E (what else is new), and some headaches but I'm looking a major alarm and I got ...nuthin'! (Yukon Cornelius where are you?) I like to be needed, to problem solve, to be the control freak that I am...but these boys are making it a little too easy on me!! Damn their efficiency!

Anywho, last night I stayed up a little past my bed time to talk to a new contestant in Building Chick's Dating Olympics!! Really nice guy...although, who wants that?? LOL

This weekend promises to be an interesting one. Going back to the hometown for a little get together with old friends/ acquaintances at THE white trash bar of our area. It's the bar you can go to at any point in time and find the same people on the same stools listening to "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" while actually doing 1 shot of bourbon, a shot of scotch and washing it all down with a beer. I'm from Jersey so we have the whole "oh what exit are your from" thing happening...If Bruce or Bon Jovi are on, you'd think they all just won the lottery and every "woo hoo" girl is on the prowl to climb one more rung up the Skank Ladder.

I love my hometown, or at least I do now looking back and not living there and although I refuse to tease my hair, I won't be wearing white Reebok's, and my nails are of average length, I think I can still hang and have a good time of it. I am looking forward to seeing some people (more than than others) and just cutting loose...it's over due and soooo needed..

Ooh! Someone just called me with a problem about the site...yay!! I am needed!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Family Style

So, lately, I've been looking back at my past and piecing together the happier times, the memories that made me say "oh yeah, I forgot about that" and a big part of that is reconnecting with my family.

We all sort of fell apart after my Grandma's passing when I was 5, and even further when my Grandpa passed on when I was 19. ....it's sad because my family is actually pretty frickin' funny and down to Earth (with a few exceptions,lol)

Tonight I put out an APB on the family and am gearing up to do some sort of reunion/ party in the new year. My cousin, Tony, (yes we are Eye-talian) is going to help and we are seriously going to make an effort to be an actual family and hopefully friends, too. I like that, the direction it's going is comforting.

I don't think you recognize how important family is until you are reminded of what you've lost. With my history of my Mom and my brother, I kind of disconnected any 'need' of having a family. I guess it's easier not to need it than it is to want it and not be able to have it. There is, and will always be, my number one super hero, My Poppa Bear, but now there's this lost history and nostalgia that I need to find and be a bigger part of.

Maybe realizing that there's more to life than work is the biggest key to having a life. But having the people around who make you want to take a breath is the first step.

So here I go, breathing deep.........